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Brunch to go?


There is nothing more pleasing than waking up in the morning and knowing you have the whole morning (and afternoon, if you’re lucky) clear to spend time making a hearty breakfast and enjoying some YOU time. The only thing that could potentially top that is maybe brunch with good friends at that new place in town that always has the best creations to fill you up. WE WISH.


If you’re like any other millennial these scenarios happen far too little because of the hectic day to day grind and now even the weekends are filling up! 


Summer was fine because you could just whip up a fresh smoothie to excite your morning breakfast routine, however as it gets to winter and the mornings are colder and darker, glugging down that glass of cold, green sludge doesn’t seem so appealing anymore. And safe to say it just isn’t filling you until lunch.  But who even has time to cook breakfast?


NO MORE! We have the end to your morning sorrows and guilty purchases of warmed, calorific pastries from the shop on your morning commute. The waffle on a stick is the new answer to all of your morning woes! And we can’t believe how simple it is!


Imagine your favourite breakfast food put into the convenience of being on a stick so you can carry on your morning tasks. As simple as holding your Vanilla Latte and less calories! The mornings are about to become a lot easier for us…

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How many waffles could you eat?!

| 21st August 2018 | Blogging

We've been talking about how many waffles we could eat here at The Malted Waffle Company offices.    When we found out the current record we were a bit shocked and maybe not so confident we could beat it!   Patrick Bertoletti is the current international champion for waffle eating, as well as a previous champion for the infamous Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest and the Wing Bowl. He ate 29 waffles in 10 minutes, beating out former champion Joey Chestnut in 2007. Chestnut had set the record for 23 waffles in 10 minutes the year before. Where did this happen, you ask? Why at the International Waffle Eating Contest because that’s a thing. We still think we could give Bertoletti a run for his money - so watch your back Patrick as a new world record may be about to be this space!!! ...

The birth of the waffle cone

| 15th August 2018 | Blogging

The waffle cone is a magically thing. Part waffle, part biscuit - it is an edible food container! Here at The Malted Waffle Company, we enjoy it stuffed with ice cream with lots of sprinkles on top! But as we devoured our yummy treat it got us wondering who came up with this incredible invention?!   Back in 1904 a Missouri ice cream vendor at the St. Louis World Fair ran out of ice cream cups, instead of shutting up shop he asked the nearby waffle vendor to help him out. The ice cream vendor decided to fold the waffles and used them to make the first ever ice cream cones! What can we say, we waffle folk are a helpful bunch of people!   Not only do we think this is a much tastier way to enjoy ice cream but also mean less packaging waste - how clever!!    If you want to make delicious waffle cones please get in touch as we have waffle cone makers and waffle cone flour.    Stay tuned for more tasty waffle facts!...

The 700 year old waffle!

| 07th August 2018 | Blogging

In the run up to National Waffle Day on 24th August we are going to share some tasty facts about waffles!   Waffles have increased in popularity recently but did you know there is a rich history to the simple waffle!   Waffles have been around since the 14th century and people loved them then, too. The earliest known recording of a waffle recipe is in an anonymous manuscript called Le Ménagier de Paris, which was a set of instructions written by a Frenchman for his young wife. In it, the waffle-loving writer describes his own waffle recipe and even mentions an “iron”, leading historians to believe waffle irons were invented in the 13th-14th century.   We doubt they had Nutella or Maple Syrup to enjoy them with though!!   Stay tuned for more facts waffley facts!   Fact from

Go Gluten Free for 2017!

| 26th January 2017 | Blogging

Go Gluten- free!   Looking for a change this New year? Thought about going gluten-free? Gluten intolerance affects a staggering amount of people and coeliac disease is estimated to affect 1 in 100 people in the U.K. with only 1 in 8 of those diagnosed. National Gluten- Free day (January 13th), encourages people to try a wheat and gluten-free diet to see if it could help them and the way they feel.   Being gluten-free is no longer a chore because there are so many products on the market which are catered for the specific dietary requirements, with just as much flavour and quality.   The Malted Waffle company has developed a NEW gluten-free waffle and pancake flour which tastes just as good as their regular flour recipe. So to keep all you people wanting to go gluten-free happy we have developed the most delicious recipe for the newest Chicken and Waffle trend which you would never guess is gluten-free.   RECIPE:   For the fried chicken: Chicken thighs or breasts 1 egg whisked Gluten-free all purpose flour mixed with: Salt, Thyme, Basil, Oregano, Celery Salt, Black Pepper, Dried Mustard, Paprika, Garlic Salt, Ground Ginger and White Pepper. Oats – blitzed mixed with gluten free bread crumbs (you can make these by blitzing small chunks of gluten-free bread in a blender and then laying them on a baking sheet to brown)    Method: Cut the chicken to desired sized pieces (remember your cooking time will change dependant on the size of the pieces, you can do from popcorn to whole thighs). Roll the chicken in the flour and spice mix, then dip in the egg and coat with breadcrumbs. Repeat until all chicken is coated. Lay the chicken in a baking tray and cook in a preheated oven (180 Fan) until the chicken is cooked through (remember this will vary dependant on the size of the pieces). To crisp up the outer coating take the cooked pieces and fry in a pan with butter on each side until the desired colour (to keep calories down skip the step and cook for  few further minutes in the oven)!   For the Waffle: Malted Waffle Company Gluten-free Waffle and Pancake Flour. Melted butter.   Method: Mix all of the ingredients together Pour batter into preheated waffle iron and cook for 3 minutes 30 seconds until steam stops   Enjoy your two dishes together the fresh crispy waffle piled high with your fried chicken and drizzled with a good helping of maple syrup!   Photo credit: