Your questions answered 

I really like the look of your programme, can I have a demonstration?

Yes! We would love to visit you and give you a demonstration. We have a team on the road Monday-Friday and are in most cities at least once a month. Please call the office to find out when we are in your area! Or check out our blog to find out what exhibition we will be at next.


What do I need to start on your free on loan programme?

It’s really simple to become a free on loan customer. We will require you to sign our free on loan contract, a copy of the driver’s license of the signee and a copy of the utility bill of where the waffle machine will be located.


So the machine is completely free?

Yes! We are required to take a security deposit on the machine of £200 which will be held on your account for the duration of your time with us as a customer.


Am I locked into a fixed term contract?

Absolutely not. Our contracts have no time length; however, we hope to have you as a customer for a long time! If you decide to stop serving waffles or shut your shop, we will just close your account and collect the waffle machine from you.


Do you have a minimum order?

Yes, we ask our customers to order a minimum of one case of waffle flour per month per machine. This means you should be selling on average 10 waffles per day to have a machine free on loan. If you don’t think you will be selling this many we suggest you purchase a machine from our online shop then you are not obligated to purchase flour.


Do you repair the machine whilst we have it free on loan?

Yes! Your waffle machine will come with a 6-month guarantee; within this time any repairs or replacements will be free of charge. After this period, we will repair or replace your machine and determine charges. We have in-house engineers who repair our machines to ensure you have your machine back within 48 hours.


Can I loan more than one waffle machine?

Yes, of course. We suggest that you evaluate what you think the waffle sales will be in your restaurant so you can justify having more than one machine. 


Can I have someone give my team training and on-going support?

Yes. Your demonstration will also act as training for your team, so we recommend you get as many as your staff together to view the demo. We also have video tutorials and a dedicated customer service team just a phone call or email away.


Do you loan crepe machines and blenders?

Unfortunately not, but we do sell these to you at a highly competitive price! Please visit our online shop. We loan all our waffle shape machines and the waffle cone maker.


Waffle Flour questions


Can I use the waffle mixes to make sweet and savoury waffles?

Yes! Our waffle mix has been perfectly blended with malt, sugar, salt and vanilla to create a waffle which can be filled or topped with both fillings. We have some great suggestions in our blog!


Can your waffle mix be refrigerated?

It sure can. Once your batter is made up it can sit ambient for the day, refrigerated for the night and used the next day. This can be repeated for 72 hours! Just make sure you let your batter get back up to room temperature before you cook it in the waffle machine.


Do you have the allergen information and ingredient lists of your products?

Definitely, we suggest using the live chat function to request this, email sales@waffles.co.uk or call the team on 01213086040 and they can provide this to you.


What is the difference between all your flours?

All our waffle flours are delicious but have some subtle differences! Deluxe flour requires eggs, butter and water to be added. Complete has British, whole hen, pasteurised egg powder included so only requires butter and water. Eggless has had the egg substituted with vegetable protein and requires butter and water. Gluten free mix has had the wheat removed and requires butter and water.


What is the best waffle mix for me?

You need to decide what your customers would prefer! If you want to add local providence, then we suggest using Deluxe flour so you can add local eggs. If you need convenience, we suggest using the Complete flour. If your customers don’t eat egg or wheat, then pick our eggless flour or gluten free flour. We have something for everyone!


How long does it take to cook a waffle?

In our waffle machines it should take you approximately 3-4 minutes to cook a perfect waffle!


Can I reheat the waffles?

Absolutely! We recommend cooking the majority of your waffles during quiet periods then storing them on a cooling rack - where they can sit for up to 6 hours. It only takes 30 seconds to reheat in the machine once a customer orders and they taste just as delicious as a freshly cooked waffle - give it a try!


Can the waffle mix be used to make pancakes?

It makes delicious fluffy American style pancakes. If you want to make crepes – the large thin French style pancakes you can purchase our crepe mix.


Do you have training videos available?

Yes, please view our  Youtube videos.