Free on Loan Programme

All our top quality waffle machines are available to you for free!

In this current climate we understand that it is difficult to pay upfront for equipment and products without feeling the squeeze and adding greater pressure to your business and revenue.

Here at The Malted Waffle Company our main priority is providing you a stress fee solution that will increase your reputation and profits.

waffle view image

Free on loan programme video coming soon


We provide affordable solutions for any company, big or small, and offer the ultimate loan programme! That’s right, not only can you buy our commercial waffle equipment and products but we can also loan them to you, making the plan for increasing your revenue a lot more affordable and easier than you thought!

 waffle machine image

So what’s the deal? We’ll loan you the commercial waffle equipment which are made of solid cast iron providing the ultimate quality and usability, conservative dimensions of 36cm x 56cm taking up little space, are UL & CE approved and creates delicious 3.2cm thick and 18cm diameter waffles for your customers to delve into. All you have to do is buy our all-natural ingredients, produce and sell them!