Our Waffle Machines

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Shapes Available


Large round machine thumbnail

Our most popular waffle machine!

1 large round of 4 quarters, 18cm diameter, approx. 3.5cm thick, 1 round uses 180ml batter

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Mini Round

g12 machine thumbnail

4 small rounds, 94cm in diameter, 4 rounds use 240ml batter

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cone machine thumbnail

1 round flat biscuit, 19cm diameter, 1 round uses 60ml of batter, formed to cone or basket

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  • Low power requirements: All our equipment is rated at 240 volt with power consumption from 900 to 1100 watts

  • Conservative dimensions: height of 19cm when closed and 56cm when open, width of 30cm, length of 56cm and weight of 18kg

  • Fully locked in open position for safety

  • Solid cast iron base and special non stick coated alloy grids


  • Integral timer

  • UL & CE certificate approval

  • Preset integral adjustable thermostat

  • Reaches temperature in 20 minutes and requires no recovery time between cycles