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The choice of products and ingredients to use in the hospitality industry is crucial to the taste and quality of the food. At The Malted Waffle Company, we understand that quality and cost are of the upmost importance for any business, which is why we only provide all-natural ingredients at the most affordable prices.


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Increase Revenue

Here at The Malted Waffle Company our main priority is providing you a stress free solution that will increase your business and profits with our free on loan programme.

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All of our top quality machines are free to customers

That’s right, absolutely free when you purchase our all natural waffle mixes.

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Buy your ingredients direct from us

We have a wide variety of products from waffles to crepes to smoothies!

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Gluten free mix now available

Check out our new Gluten free mix now!

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How to make waffles using Complete flour

This video will show you how to make delicious, golden waffles using our Complete Waffle and Pancake flour and our large round waffle machine

How to clean your waffle machine

This video explains how to keep your waffle machine clean and working perfectly each time

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